EASY Shake

EASY Shake gives you all the robust beauty and strength of slate roofing with a fraction of the weight and install time, giving your home better curb appeal with a traditional look. Perfect for your home or cottage.

Durability - Constructed of 26 gauge steel, EASY Shake step panels are easy to install, sturdy, and weather tight. Resistance to dents, plus minimal expansion/contraction properties make this steel panel an excellent investment providing long lasting protection and greater durability that will enhance all types of structural designs.

Protection - First, each panel is coated with Galvalume, a patented aluminum-zinc alloy coating for extra protection. Panels are then bonderized and an epoxy primer is applied. For the final coat. A ceramic pigmented silicone polyester, supplies strength, hardness and durability against the effects of sun, wind, rain, heat and cold. It is extremely resistant to mildew. No blistering, peeling or flaking either!

Our custom cut lengths, to-the-inch up to 30 feet, reduce or eliminate end laps. You get a tighter, stronger, more attractive building.

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